Saturday, June 2, 2012

Money, Success, and You

Money, Success, and You

So mostly, this blog is indicative of my own journey towards this thing called success.  I have heard it said that “success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal.”  In other words, if you have a goal and are working toward it, then you are successful by that definition.

My question is, yes you may be working towards a goal but when you have no money, it’s hard to feel successful.  According to the definition if you have a goal of making a certain amount of money and are taking definitive steps towards it, you are a success.  Just because you may not actually possess the money doesn’t make you a failure.

What about money, success, and youYou have to become a success before the money will actually come.  Just keep plugging away and you will find that success means a lot more than just money to you!

I’m mostly speaking to myself through this blog but if you get any value feel free to leave a comment or pass this along.

Robert David Fraser

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