Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Unlimited Wealth System Email Schedule

Today, I’m going to talk about how I promote everything within the Unlimited Wealth System by building one email list and the email schedule that I use to lump everything together.  I build one email list promoting the Unlimited Wealth System, and then I email that same list 4 times per week with themed emails that go along with the day I’m emailing.

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What days of the week I email my list?

First, I only email my list 4 days per week.  Those days are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I’ve found that over time it really doesn’t matter what the days are specifically.  It is more important you have a plan.  There is always someone on the internet looking for ways to get ahead financially 24/7.  I remember I was doing the same 4 years ago on Christmas, but that’s another story.

My email schedule with the themed days are Self Development Sundays, Teaching Trading Tuesdays, Training and Traffic Thursdays, and Fast Money Fridays. 

The idea is to put out content (videos on youtube or blogs here or on IBOToolbox) with that same theme.  It is about combining the email strategy with a content marketing strategy.  I teach both of these courses in the Power Lead System’s Master Traffic Institute. 

Self Development Sunday

How this looks is on Sunday, I’ll put out a video talking about something I have learned in my personal journey in online marketing.  Check out an example here.

That video I just shared will also go in my email that will hit my email list on Self Development Sunday.  This serves a number of different purposes. 

Set content and email schedule

Following this theme gives me a set content and email schedule.  This makes my business very easy.  I don’t have to think about “what am I going to email my list about today” or “what kind of video am I going to upload today.”  I just think about what the day is and what I have learned during the week and put it in an email and voila!

Know, Like, and Trust

This gets people knowing, liking, and trusting you.  I’m sure you have heard that people join people they know, like, and trust.  There is no better way than introducing people to your content and business plan.  Now, compare everything I’m doing here to most people who just send out spammy emails.

Who would you rather join?  Someone who is constantly spamming your email inbox, or someone who has a definite plan, clear instructions, a long-term vision, and content where you can get a deeper understanding of my thinking and systems?

Who do you think is more long-term?  Someone who is joining a new deal every week, or someone who puts time into creating content revolving around the existing plan (The Unlimited Wealth System).

Teaching Trading Tuesdays

On Tuesday, I follow the same plan.  I email my list about ICoin Pro, EXP Asset, and Bitclub Frontiers.  I put out a video talking about my progress trading and include that in my email to my list of these three programs.  Lately, I’ve been only limiting my email to having ICoin Pro and EXP Asset because I don’t want to overwhelm my list.  I rotate Bitclub Frontiers in sporadically.

Training and Traffic Thursdays

On Thursday, I email my list about my marketing system and my traffic sources.  My theme is “how to get lots of traffic to your business” or “Training and Traffic” and this gives me the chance to explain my generic marketing system and traffic sources that have kept my business profitable over the past 3+ years.

Fast Money Fridays

On Fridays, I email my list about my Instant Cash Strategy.  I make a video on Friday regarding the theme of the day and I include that in my email.

Then I just keep repeating.  If I join something new, I will either add it to the schedule or send it out one of the other days.  (Shiny ball Saturday as an example)

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Unlimited Wealth System

This is my newest and most long-term plan.  This blog along with related articles and videos are all going to details the Unlimited Wealth System.  I’m also going to provide a “Broke Man Plan” as well working with this same system for folks who are starting out with a small amount of disposable income (to turn into a full-time income over time).

Today, I’m covering the 20,000 foot (or the bird’s eye) view of the new plans.  I’m just going to list the programs and why they were picked to be a part of this system. 

ICoin Pro (ICP) is one of the first two programs.  This teaches you most everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies and also how to trade them for profit.  I’ve since become a full-time day trader using the knowledge I’ve learned from this program.  My idea is to have a full-time income from marketing and another full-time income from trading so I’m not relying on just one thing for money.

Power Lead System (PLS) is how we promote everything.  All of the programs I’m listing here that are a part of the Unlimited Wealth can also be promoted 100% by themselves.  We combine everything into one sales funnel (Unlimited Wealth System, or UWS) and also have individual sales funnel for each piece for people who may resonate with some programs and not others.

We like to provide options.

Bitclub Network (BCN) is where we mine various cryptocurrencies for profit.  We have this positioned in the back end because not everyone knows that cryptocurrency mining is and is also where ICoin Pro comes in.  We present ICoin Pro first to educate and then present our mining when people have an idea of what it is and why it’s vital.

Global Information Network (GIN) is the most important piece of this whole system, in my opinion.  Constantly participating and listening to the audio training has kept me from doing something very stupid to myself and has allowed me to mentally overcome six figures of debt and I still utilize GIN now more than ever.

The above programs are part of the main system, but I’ve also included a workaround for some additional programs.

Swiss Gold Global is another place where we mine various cryptocurrencies and where we also buy gold and silver.

Mintbuilder is another place where we can buy gold and silver.  We can choose to get paid commissions through bitcoin.

FutureNet/FutureAdPro is a social media and traffic exchange platform that I use to build my network and get more traffic.  I use earnings from FutureNet to continuously purchase traffic to feed this whole system.

Easy 1 Up/Vertex Lead system makes up the Instant Cash Strategy I follow.  For the folks not wanting to use revenue sharing programs for perpetual traffic, my Instant Cash Strategy is another solution.  The idea is to make a sale and then immediately take half and throw it back into paid traffic.

I am going to be diving deeper into my “email schedule” that ties everything together.  This is how I promote multiple streams of income without going crazy.

Traffic Sources

IBOToolbox is like FutureNet and is just another social media platform to get more traffic.

My top paid traffic sources are Udimi Solo Ads, MLM Leads, Traffic 4 Me, and Traffic Authority.

This was just to lay everything out.  Bookmark and come back to this blog often as I’m going to constantly add articles, blog posts, and videos covering the plan and strategy.  This is a long-term plan and if something gets shut down or crashes, we won’t have all of our eggs in one basket.

Lastly, on this blog, I’m going to go into my forecasts on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

I know I dumped quite a lot here, but I just wanted to get it all out there on the table and as I get questions and etc, I will post answers, solutions, and plans here.

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Rob Fraser

Friday, November 17, 2017

ICoin Pro and the Bitcoin Blitz

This is going to be a short blog post as I haven’t been writing and I also had to change the plan quite a few times.  I have finally found something that I’m 100% satisfied with and will be a long-term plan.  The last time I blogged about a plan, the business changed and so I was hesitant to write.  Now, it’s time to get back writing and get this content cranked out.

Today, I’m going to cover my “birds eye” view of my revamped plan.  This plan consists of ICoin Pro, Power Lead System, Swiss Gold Global, and FutureNet/FutureAdPro.  Each of these 4 programs provides a different piece to the puzzle.

ICoin Pro is basically where everything starts.  This is where you will learn everything to get a thorough understanding of cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoin).  We also learn how to trade cryptocurrencies for profit here.  

ICoin Pro is setup for the average person to learn and get started within this new and growing niche.

Power Lead System (Lead Lightning) is the marketing system and the back bone of everything.  This is where we get our capture pages, email follow ups, and sales funnels to share with our team.

Swiss Gold Global is where we take a percentage of our earnings and turn it into gold, silver, and more bitcoin.  This is where we can also mine various cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, zcash, and monero to name a few.

Last, we have FutureNet/FutureAdPro.  This is where we can grow a social media presence and get paid to do so.  This is also where we can get paid to advertise our other businesses. 

These 4 programs work together to form a machine that doesn’t stop.  In a nutshell, I use the Micro Profit System within ICoin Pro to trade cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.  I will include a disclaimer here because this isn’t an investment nor does ICoin Pro assume responsibility for your trades.  There is risk involved so be smart and get educated!

We have a share code to promote ICoin Pro with the Power Lead System.  Check out the sales funnel here.  When you go through the sales funnel, you can find where to get the same setup for yourself.
I take a percentage of my ICoin Pro profits to fund my personal trading accounts.  

FutureNet allows me to get continuous traffic to the whole thing to pump enough people through the sales funnel to get active sign-ups.  I take another percentage of my profits to mine cryptocurrencies with Swiss Gold Global.  With SGG you can also automatically save a portion of your profits in the form of gold and silver.

In my opinion, this is a perfect machine and provides 2 ways of making money outside of marketing or having to recruit.  This is a huge plus because recruiting for these types of businesses is already hard enough!

I’ll be updating this blog more regularly.

Rob Fraser
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Complete Freedom and the Bitcoin Blitz

Rob Fraser here…

In my last post on My Paying Ads to the Complete Freedom plan, I covered the issue of MPA basically crapping out and the shift to the Complete Freedom plan.  Today, I am going to cover the connection between my Complete Freedom plan and the Bitcoin Blitz. 

First, my Complete Freedom plan is really just a perpetual traffic plan.  The Complete Freedom (or CF) plan consists of Lead Lightning, FutureAdPro, Payza, Coinbase, Udimi Solo ads, and MLM Leads.  All of these companies are simply things every marketer could use for any business.

The idea is to share with other marketers exactly what I am doing to create my own results and independence online.  Instead of playing the “my biz op is better than your biz op” game, I’m simply sharing what I’m doing to get perpetual traffic.

What are the programs that make up Complete Freedom?

Lead Lightning is a perfect trip wire offer that can be used to promote any business.
FutureAdPro is the perfect place to promote Lead Lightning and your primary business.
Payza and Coinbase are online merchant accounts and e-wallets that are accepted by most online opportunities and also provide a way for you to get paid.

Udimi Solo Ads and MLM Leads are great places to get top tier traffic to promote any business.  The only cost to join the above companies mentioned is a one-time $7.  Now, you will have to spend money (as a business owner) on traffic but you can create accounts in everything for free with the exception of Lead Lightning.

Once I realized that I make more money showing other people how to get results, is when my income jumped to the next level!

Adding the Bitcoin Blitz

When you upgrade from Lead Lightning to the Power Lead System, you will be able to use share codes.  These share codes allow you to duplicate already successful sales funnels and become a little sexier and noticeable in the marketplace.

With my Complete Freedom share code, you are able to put whatever your primary business is into the system.  In my case, I’m promoting my Bitcoin Blitz consisting of 4 crypto-currency based businesses.  Those companies are ICoin Pro, USI Tech, Crypt Trade Capital, and Bitclub.

Those 4 companies may sound like a lot, but you can create accounts in all 4 of them for free.

The first company, ICoin Pro, is an educational program designed to give you all the information you need to know about crypto-currencies.  I think it makes logical sense to inform people about Bitcoin and other “altcoins” first, before really getting into the other businesses.

USI Tech is a trading company and works mainly from trading cryptocurrencies.  USI Tech deals in bitcoin.

Cryp Trade Capital is a trading company, as USI Tech, and deals in cash.
BitClub Network deals in bitcoin mining.

So, each of the four has a unique angle in the cryptocurrency world.  I’m not going to go any deeper just yet as this blog post is getting long enough.  If you want to see this whole system in action, THEN CLICK HERE!

Go down to step 4, and you will see the Bitcoin Blitz.

If you aren’t on my email list or want to check out the plan, then click here!

Bookmark this blog and stay close to me as there is much more to come!

My next post I’ll cover another strategy.  I’ll share how I’m leading with ICoin Pro and the Bitcoin Blitz.

Rob Fraser
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Paying Ads to the Complete Freedom Plan

Rob Fraser here…

In my last post on scaling your online traffic and income with the Viral Team Builder System and in today’s post I was going to cover My Paying Ads.  Most recently, My Paying Ads has defaulted and has stopped paying out due to mismanagement of the profits coming in.  I’ve spent the past few days restructuring my plan and am going to start talking about my Complete Freedom plan.

It’s this very reason that I have multiple plans always running at the same time.  Companies stop paying out, get shut down, or decide to up and restructure the comp plan and when you are depending on this money to live, you don’t have time for the riff raff!

I talk to so many people who are tired of getting kicked in the groin right when their business gets a little bit of momentum going. 

So, the new adjustment is FutureNet (FutureAdPro) and Lead Lightning.  This is the first phase of the new plan.  In addition, I’m going to include Payza and Coinbase (both free merchant accounts), and Udimi Solo Ads with MLM Leads (both traffic sources). 

The thinking behind this plan and why It has worked so well for me is because I’m not playing the “my biz op is better than your biz op” game.  I’m simply sharing what I’m doing to create perpetual traffic and targeting other marketers in other biz ops.  Marketers are always on the look-out for more leads, sales, traffic, and marketing ideas. 

So, where I start most people off is with Lead Lightning and FutureAdPro.  The idea is to promote Lead Lightning on FutureAdPro and work on building your active ad packs up in FAP.  This Youtube playlist here covers the three phases.

The idea is to progress through those three phases I’ve outlined in that playlist above.  The goal of the first phase is to get to where you are earning $30 a day in FutureAdPro.  You let that $30 a day accumulate for 2 days and then withdraw $60 per week.  This will be done for the length of FutureNet. 

That $60 will get you weekly traffic campaigns from MLM Leads, Traffic 4 Me, Udimi Solo Ads, and Solochecker.  Using that $60 for perpetual traffic is a big part of how I was able to pay off over $100,000 in debt in under 9 months.

If you aren’t on my email list or want to check out the plan, then click here!

Bookmark this blog and stay close to me as there is much more to come!

My next post I’m going to be covering the connection between Complete Freedom and the Bitcoin Blitz.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Scaling Your Online Traffic and Income with the Viral Team Builder System

Rob Fraser here…

In my last post on promoting My PayingAds on FutureNet and FutureAdPro, I switched gears and included the Viral Team Builder.  Over the course of the next few blog posts, I’m going to give an intro to each revenue sharing program (My Paying Ads, My Paying Crypto Ads, The Ads Team, FutureAdPro) specifically. 

Today, I’m going to focus on scaling your online traffic and income with the Viral Team Builder System.  In other words, I’m going to give a rough outline for working each of these programs.
By this point, you should already have your FREE Viral Team Builder account setup and have gone through the Setup Guide.  You should have also checked out the VTB re-brandable blog and completed the first four steps within the system.

You are going to be presented with a number of programs within the VTB.  This can be a little overwhelming, but that’s the purpose of this blog post series is to break it down into chunks and present a clear plan for working this system.

The purpose of the VTB is to provide a free marketing system that can be used with any business and to provide a perpetual traffic plan all in the same place.  In the Viral Team Builder setup step 1, you will be presented with your sponsors (or if I’m your sponsor) primary businesses (in addition to the VTB programs). 

With my personal programs, I have a very strategic choice of programs.  Again, this may seem overwhelming but understand that this is a process.  I’d suggest checking out my personal programs and then to keep reading on to discover how to leverage the traffic exchange revenue sites for promoting the VTB and to generate money so you can upgrade and join me in my programs.

This will allow you to increase your weekly income.  Instead of selling a $5 product and getting $1 commissions, this will allow you to step up to selling higher ticket items so you can increase your bottom line.

When you refer people to the VTB, they will be exposed to your primary businesses when they are following this step as well.

Step 2 under the Setup Guide is where we will start to dig in.  The advertising businesses are traffic exchange revenue sharing sites.  The three programs are My Paying Ads, My Paying Crypto Ads, and The Ads Team.  Understand that you can create free accounts with all of them. 

I created accounts with all three but I’m only working My Paying Ads and The Ads Team at this point.  Later on, in step 4 you will learn about FutureNet which is another main focus.  When you create accounts in everything, know that when you sign others up into VTB you will get credit.

I’d also suggest setting up a Payza, Coinbase (bitcoin), and a Solid Trust Pay account.  These are merchant accounts (like Paypal) and work with most of the programs that I’m going to be blogging about.

Scaling Your Online Traffic and Income

This is exactly what I have done.  Start with My Paying Ads.  Start buying ad packs on a weekly basis (in MPA the ad packs start from $5).  Every ad pack will earn you more money (up to 120% per ad pack).  Every $5 ad pack will earn you $6 over time ($10/$12, $25/$30, and $50/$60).

I suggest setting a weekly budget, buying ad packs (and surfing your ads on a daily basis) and you will learn how the program works a bit better.  The idea is to work your way up till you are earning around $25 per day.  Once you are earning $25 per day, then you will start withdrawing $50 per week. 

That $50 per week will be used to “fund” the second program (if you started with My Paying Ads, then start working The Ads Team).  This same process and concept will be worked through the rest of my system and is what I did.

I used My Paying Ads to build The Ads Team and FutureNet.  I then used FutureNet money to join my Instant Cash Strategy and eventually Digital Altitude.  I use My Paying Ads money to also buy gold and silver every week as well as top tier traffic to promote this whole system.

So, I started real small and then used my Broke Man Plan to join better programs and have increased my weekly earnings from $250 to now averaging over $4,000+ per week.  My highest week was $21,000 to date. 

Income disclaimer, this takes work and following a plan.  The average person will not follow this plan long enough.  The above average person who does follow this plan and stays close to me will eventually find success. 

My question is, are you average?

Book mark this blog and stay close to me as there is much more to come!

Create your FREE Viral Team Builder account here (if you don’t have an account yet)

My next post I’ll cover some getting started details with The Ads Team.

Rob Fraser
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Promoting My Paying Ads on FutureNet and FutureAdPro

Rob Fraser here…

In my last post on My Paying Ads and FutureNet, I talked about promoting FN on MPA (or working phase 1).  Today, I’m going to focus on promoting My Paying Ads on FutureNet and FutureAdPro.  The main idea is to simply take your My Paying Ads promotional banners and to advertise them on the FutureNet and FutureAdPro platforms was going to be what I was going to blog about today.

I have found something a bit better for combining all of the programs I’m promoting online and is a little easier.  The Viral Team Builder (or VTB for short) is a world-wide free system that combines My Paying Ads, FutureAdPro, and a couple of other opportunities all in one marketing system.  The Viral Team Builder is my number one thing I now promote on My Paying Ads and FutureAdPro.

The Viral Team Builder has banners, is free, and combines most of the revenue sharing advertising programs that most people who follow me are already in.  The creator of the Viral Team Builder also has blog posts, pdf files, and so much content that you can “rebrand” and make your own to use in your own marketing.  Check out the main blog here and also understand that the links are all my own.

I saw this and immediately decided to use the Viral Team Builder as phase 1 of the world wide broke man’s plan.  The main idea is to get in and start to learn the VTB.  There is so much content on the blogs for free, low cost, and paid traffic to use.

Below is an image from the main page of the blog.  Check it out here

I am also using the VTB to promote my Instant Cash Strategy (phase 2 of the broke man plan) and Digital Altitude (phase 3).  I use the VTB traffic strategies to get low cost traffic to build a list and then once a week, I’ll promote my Instant Cash Strategy and Digital Altitude to my growing email list. 

Over the course of the next few blog posts, I’m going to detail my exact money flow and traffic plan.  The structure that I’m laying out in this series is what I’m using to collect 4 figures plus per week.

The only step today is to create your free VTB account (at this link here).  Virtually all the programs within the VTB system are free to join and I’d suggest just grabbing free accounts.  My next blog post I’m going to cover scaling your online traffic and income with the ViralTeam Builder system.

I’m going to give a suggested “ad pack” and traffic strategy and give the progressive steps on using the traffic exchange revenue sharing sites to scale up with paid traffic and to join the Instant Cash Strategy and Digital Altitude.  Also after phase 3, I’ll get into using those same funds to buy weekly gold and silver and provide info on joining one of the most premier success clubs on the planet!

Book mark this blog and stay close to me as there is much more to come!

Until next time!

Rob Fraser
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