Saturday, September 15, 2012

Skip the BullS—T!!! How do I make money online?

Just venting here!

I’ve been upsold, scammed, and shit on when it comes to making money online.  I, for one, am tired of paying money for crap online.  How do you make money online?  Well, you have got to have something REAL and TANGIBLE.  Generic marketing info is not it! 

How do I make money online?

Well I have a few things going and if you are reading this you may get some value out of this.  I have had a few beers before I wrote this but bear with me!  To start, affiliate programs that instantly pay are the best way to lead off!  As an affiliate, you get paid to refer others to a particular program.

So, how the hell do I refer people to some program in order to get paid?

Well, you will need an online marketing website to refer people to.  I post ads on craigslist, write blogs (the one you are on now), and use business cards which all point to my marketing website.  This marketing website is FREE!  The idea is to sign up for the programs and simply refer people to your website.  Period!  That’s all I do and I get paid.

Keep in mind that these aren’t B.S. offers either.  A prepaid credit/debit card that gives you $20 for loading $40 onto it, basically a free $20!  The other one is numerous vehicle benefits but I’m no marketer and will just let the website explain it for me.  If you join me I will help you do the same. 

Trust me, this is easy and the only thing you have to do is let me help you make money with this!

Rob Fraser