Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to get leads by blogging online?

How to get leads by blogging online?

This one is an easy one.  I just power blog and I get leads online for my Empower Network business.  What do I mean by power blog?

Power blogging is writing 5-10 blog posts per day!  My blog posts are nothing fancy.  Most of my posts are around 200-300 words per post.  The reason I like blogging is because I can run my mouth about whatever while passively promoting my business!

Blogging is also free and anyone can do it who is creative enough.  If you are creative, then you can always find someone and pay them to do it for you!

Why blog?

Well in internet land content is king and rules over everything.  If you have more content than the other guy, then your website will get seen more often than his.  It really is just that simple and it boils down to plain numbers!

Just think, every blog post that is written stays on the internet indefinitely and the more posts you have equal the more “advertisements” you have out there!

Just create lots of blog posts and you will get leads, traffic, and dollars!

-Robert Fraser-