Thursday, July 11, 2013

Motor Club of America Business Opportunity

Motor Club of America Business Opportunity

The concept behind Motor Club of America’s business opportunity program is not only simple, but powerful.

For each new Total Security Membership sold by a Motor Club of America business opportunity member associate, MCA will double up that members commission check every week.

Let’s say that an MCA member shares the member benefits package with someone, and that person decides to take advantage of the MCA package, and purchases a Motor Club of America “Total Security Plan” by simply prepaying for two months at $40 the MCA member who referred that person to the program will receive a check from MCA for $80 in the week following either by UPS or direct deposit.

The MCA associate compensation plan is as follows:

1-4 members per week = $80 per sale
5-9 members per week = $82 per sale
10-14 members per week = $84 per sale
15-19 members per week = $86 per sale
20-29 members per week = $88 per sale
30+ members per week = $90 per sale

Now remember that it only cost $40 to become a Motor Club of America Total Security Member which prepays the first two months of membership, and the cost is just $19.95 per month thereafter.

Associates with the Motor Club of America are earning upwards of $2,200 per week, and more simply by sharing the MCA Total Security benefits program with everyone they come into contact with, whether it’s online or off.

Motor Club of America offers the best coverage on the planet. Benefits like Free Towing, Hospitalization, Bail Bond, Hospital Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Fuel Delivery, Travel Assistance, AD&D, and so much more. You can’t afford not to be covered.

Many services along with $50,000 AD&D coverage. Towing up to 100 miles Around the clock 24/7 Dispatch Services, 365 days a year. With MCA coverage throughout the US and Canada serving motorist since 1926 you can earn extra Income with Double up WEEKLY PAY. Your customers / clients will enjoy the protection and security of having the most comprehensive Auto Club benefits program in the United States and Canada.

Earn $80 for every $19.95/mo ($40 prepaid for the first 2 months) membership you sell, paid to you the very next week and delivered to your door via UPS or direct deposit. Share this awesome business opportunity with others and earn override commissions from your down line business partners as well.