Monday, July 15, 2013

Should I go to college?

Should I go to college?

This is something that I have asked myself time and time again.  I literally had to be goaded to take advantage of my GI bill once I got out of the Marines, after 12 years.
I had the mindset that I would become an entrepreneur and that I didn’t need college but that I would become an internet marketer and make money on the internet and that I didn’t need a degree for it.
So I asked myself time and time again should I go to college, do I need to go to college to become successful and there are scores of people who are highly successful that didn’t go to college.
Those questions kept going over and over in my head for a long time.
I have since decided to take advantage of what I earned in the Marine Corps and go back to school.
I emphatically suggest, if you are considering going to (or going back to) collegeTO GO!!
It’s not about what you learn in each class but that there are so many intangibles you get from going back to college.  Time management, prioritization, what’s really going on in the economy, and so much more I can’t even begin to put into this blog post.
I’m learning how much (via their posting on facebook about certain topics) how much people really don’t know about certain things and how being educated (partially lol) I see the world totally different now.
A recession isn’t bad, per se.  A depression isn’t the end of the world nor is it the President’s fault.  I’m learning so much more about marketing, persuasion, and sales from my oral communications class.
I heard before that you may get a million dollar idea from someplace you aren’t looking for it and that’s the truth.
I’m learning that you don’t know what you don’t know.  There might be something in that typing class that may give you that inspiration for your business.

So should I (you) go to college?

Emphatically and ENTHUSIASTICALLY,

Yes, go for it!

Might be the best thing you could ever do for yourself!
-Robert Fraser-
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