Friday, September 6, 2013

Screw it, just be happy now!

Screw it, just be happy now! 

Seriously just be happy now!

I’m learning that on a personal level.  I have been through a lot of B.S.  Crap that I put myself through and crap that I let others put me through.  

The funny thing is that every time I hit a goal, I set another one.  It’s good to set goals, don’t get me wrong. 

What I was doing was internally saying to myself “I will be happy once I obtain it,” not “I’m happy in the obtaining of it.”  

That means I’m not happy while pursuing a goal.  I am happy once I hit my goal.  The difference being once I hit that goal, I immediately set a new one, and am not happy until I hit that one.

Then when I hit that one, set a new one, and am still NOT CURRENTLY HAPPY until I hit that new goal. 

See the pattern.

So screw it!!

Just be happy now and know that you will get there when you get there and that’s all there is to it.

-Rob Fraser-

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