Friday, February 21, 2014

Ahnsahnghong, Jesus Christ, and Critical Thinking Who Know's??

The past few years have been real tumultuous for me but recently I have got an even keel on things.

In 2006, I joined a The Church of God World Mission Society in which the 2nd Christ has returned and that there is a Heavenly Mother currently living with us.  I started going to that church right after I just finished up being a Marine Corps Drill Instructor.

This was a real explosive time and long story short, ended up getting divorced.  In the beginning my ex wife vehemently rejected the beliefs of the COGWMS.  To me, I had found the only church who could explain Christmas, Evolution Vs. Creationism, and the studies were extremely accurate down to the letter of the bible and historical "fact."

But lately, I have been questioning a lot of things.  Is religion just a structure invented to control certain sects of the population?  Is there just any “one true way?”  There are people on the other side of the world who believe in Mohammed, Budda, and etc just as much and are willing to stake their lives on it!

I believe a certain way because of my upbringing, internal filters, etc.  My Reticular Activating System currently colors my reality with my beliefs.  So that being said, is a certain religion true just because my R.A.S. says it’s true for me???

Just because I may feel that “this way” is a right way but there are also other right ways as well?

I don’t have any religious beliefs at the moments as I’m doing an exhaustive search for ( what exactly I don’t know ) but I can say is that we should never close our minds and think that we know the only right way.

Rob Fraser