Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Motor Club of America MCA Journey Day 1

I’m starting this all over again and am going to document my success with Motor Club of America.  I use the Get Weekly Paychecks system to market MCA.

My success so far has been to the tune of 1 out of every 130 leads joins.  I get $80 every time someone joins so I have calculated 80 dollars divided by 130 leads equaling 60 cents per lead.

I like to think that way because it keeps me in a positive mind set.  I have sponsored 4 people into MCA and I have generated (to this current moment as I am typing this) 536 leads.

Or I can think of it as I made a total of $320 with MCA (income disclosure) divided by 536 leads which equals approx 60 cents per lead!

Of course I will keep you updated with my success and you can always click here to check out Motor Club of America for yourself!

Rob Fraser