Thursday, March 13, 2014

This is how I get people to READ MY BLOG and how…

You can get in position to do the same.

The very reason you are now on my blog and will read every word and find the answer I want you to pay attention to my language pattern.

I used to struggle to get people to read my blog and until I decided to make a decision and use embedded commands in my written blogs and in my Youtube videos.

For examples of where I use embedded commands, reread this short post and identify all words in italics and the more you reread this post, the more you will understand how to use embedded commands.

The more you read this, the more you will begin to see embedded commands in use in television, commercials, news reports, and etc.

You want to learn more about the use of embedded commands and you want to have confidence and feel good knowing that you can say “I can easily get people to read my blog

Click Here to watch a short video and pay attention to the language patterns used in the video as you will notice how smoothly this language pattern works.  

The more you watch this video, the more you will see how powerful embedded commands are and will immediately want to use embedded commands in your marketing.

Rob Fraser