Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Do It One More Time

I heard from a few different places that success is simply getting up one more time than falling down.  That being said, can you say success is a numbers game?  Just get back up or just do it one more time than you failed, and you will be successful.

I also heard a story of a woman who was lost at sea.  I don’t remember the exact details but what I do remember is that she was ridiculously far away from shore.  She ended up swimming all the way back to shore.  They interviewed her and asked “how did she get the strength to swim all the way back?” 

She answered them saying “I didn’t think about the total distance I had to go.  Each stroke I thought I only had to do it one more time.”  Just do it one more time!  It’s that simple.

I heard another story about insurance salesman in Germany.  They were told to do everything wrong and go door to door selling insurance.  What they found is that 1 out of every 56 homes, someone bought the insurance. 

Whatever business you are in or whatever goals you have, just keep on keeping on and just keep doing that, you will succeed!  That is basically my reason for this blog.  I’m writing posts and articles pointing to this blog.  Every single time I get another post or article out there that is a success for me!

Find something that you can do to remind you of your daily success!  Focus and concentrate on what you succeeded at today.  Do that and you will find that more and more success will come your way!  Just keep swinging and sooner or later, you will connect!

I hope that you get some value out of this.

Robert David Fraser