Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Through the Tears of my mistakes I know my “why!”

A lot of people say you need to know your why!  Your why is the biggest reason of your life.  We all have one and sometimes it takes a while to discover it.  I was painfully made aware of what my personal why is. 

My personal “why” keeps me going amid my mistakes, failures, successes, fears, and insecurities.  It is when I need to find some reasons to keep going.  To keep going when I want to drive my car right past the office and never come back.  To keep going amid all the rejection and negativity.

The point is I am going to succeed or I’m going to die in the process but you will find me still scratching, fighting, clawing, and grabbing at my personal definition of a successful life.

I cry sometimes because I want it so bad and am up very early and up very late working on my dream.  I will write blog posts and articles because I want to be successful.  I will continue to talk to people everyday because I want to be successful.  I will continue to push forward with everything inside of me because I have four kids that I haven’t talked to because of personal mistakes and failures on my part and I will not rest until things are made right.

That is my why that will keep me going strong amid every challenge that comes my way.

I hope that you get some value out of this.

Robert David Fraser