Monday, March 25, 2013

300 blog posts, Empower Network, and money

300 blog posts, Empower Network, and money

What the hell does 300 blog posts, Empower Network, and money have in common? 

Well to me that sums up my online business.  I have wrote about 300 blog posts.  Because of those 300 blog posts I am getting about 2 leads a day for my Empower Network business.  Every 21 leads I make a sale. 

It really is just that simple and the only thing I have done is blog.  I have written blog posts on my time in the Marines, deployments, online business, and even one on my accounting class that I’m working real hard to pass!

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Your income is the average of your five best friends.  That should make it real simple.  If you are hanging around 5 negative and broke people, then odds are you will be the 6th

I know that every 21 leads I get just from blogging, I make money.  I can actually calculate it out to when is the next time I will and it will be with or without you.  It would be a lot more fun with you!

-Robert Fraser-