Sunday, March 24, 2013

How power blogging will get you paid

How power blogging will get you paid

First what the heck is power blogging?

Power blogging is simply writing anywhere from 5-10 blog posts per day!  Cranking out content.  Cranking out lots of content and doing it on a daily basis!

Why would anyone want to power blog?

It’s simple!  The more good quality content you have on your website will bring you more people to your website.  The more people visit your website will bring you higher rankings in the search engines.  All that will ultimately bring you more exposure and more money!

How to power blog?

Simple, just keep cranking out as much content as humanly possible.  Your blog posts don’t have to be long.  Just pick 5-10 ideas per day and try to squirt out at least 150 words per idea.

How long should I power blog?

Do it for at least 90 days and when you have about 500 blog posts on your blog, then you can scale down to 1 blog post per day.  Get to 1000 blog posts and then you can do 1 blog post per week.


Again the more content, the more blog posts, the more ideas, the more random stuff you blog about will, in the long run, bring you more money!

What will happen if I don’t power blog?

People like me and my websites will eventually beat you out because I’m crazy enough to keep doing it!

-Robert Fraser-