Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who the hell wants to Power Blog anyways?

Who the hell wants to Power Blog anyways?

I was actually going through the Costa Rica Intensive by Dave Wood and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I have been running my mouth about why I recommend power blogging (writing 5-10 blog posts per day) and it just hit me.  Who the hell want to do that? 

I mean if you wanted to make money online, what’s easier?  Is it easy for the average person with responsibilities and just life.  Life has its own challenges and the last thing that anyone ever wants to do, is create more of a challenge then what they already are dealing with.

Think about it.  I didn’t get into the online internet marketing industry to create another job for myself and that’s exactly what I turned it into.

I mean just like when I was in the Marine Corps, don’t get me wrong I loved being a Marine, but let’s face it.  The Marine Corps controlled my life.  If I was getting deployed, what time I had to wake up, and even what I could or could not do on my own free time!

Even when I got out of the Marines and found a job restocking vending machines, where I was working 60 hours a week, I had no life outside of work.  I would be in at 3:30 AM and get done anywhere from 4-6 PM.  Come home, sleep, and wake up to start the same thing all over again.

Where exactly does that get me in life?  No retirement, no vacation, and no nothing!!

That’s why I looked online.  I unknowing was turning my blogging into another job.  I was turning my blogging into another chore that was the same exact thing.  I was taking all the fun out of it and that’s why I was not MAKING ANY MONEY!

Life should be fun.  Making money online should be fun and sexy.  If it doesn’t look fun, sexy, and easy (no comment) then who the hell want to do it anyways.

Life should be spent laughing, loving, and living.  Life should not be spent worrying, working, and wandering.

-Robert Fraser-