Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On Reading “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks

On Reading “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks

I have read “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks for the fifth time through and every time I go through that book I gain something (well a bunch of things) new each time.

The first time through it I didn’t quite know where I stand on the Law of Attraction.  I mean I don’t feel like one can just sit and expect riches, lovers, and a great life to come rushing to you and beating down your door. 

I do know that it takes work to make anything happen.  For example it takes work to make money or it takes working out, being educated, and just a nice person to attract a lover.  In those examples, it isn’t necessarily going out and working for more money, or looking for a lover.

It is working more so on yourself to make yourself “attract” those things.  Does that make sense? 

I was coming from where you have to look for those things instead of working on yourself to attract those things.

So, in essence, I can agree with that portion of the Law of Attraction in that I must work my butt off to make money but the difference being I must work my butt off on myself to become a bigger and better person rather than working on a particular job, per se. 

I still must work hard and put forth 100% effort at whatever it is that I am doing for work but more so, I must continue to stretch myself and know that I must become better. 

I think it is best said that “He helps those who helps themselves” and taking that to apply to the Law of Attraction that “it helps those who helps themselves!”

Finding joy in the process is also a major key that I got from “Ask and It Is Given!”  If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, then you will not have a great attitude about what it is, and in the end will not succeed at it.

If you want to attract success, then you must start with a great attitude about whatever it is that you are doing, and then continue to do it.  In doing so, the Law of Attraction will come to your aid!

Hope you get some value of out this and feel free to leave a comment and share!

-Robert Fraser-

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