Saturday, April 13, 2013

Think and Grow Rich Project – New Day 1 My hard headed approach!

Think and Grow Rich Project – New Day 1

So I don’t know if you came across any of my blogs before but I started this Think and Grow Rich Project like a few times already. 

Well started and then decided to change it, now am starting again.

One problem I came across a number of times in my life was lack of persistence.  I would always be quick to start a project but never stuck with it to fruition.  So here again I am doing this.

It’s my goal to really document my success and results.  I am not guaranteeing anything.  I am not offering anything although I will provide links to my online business (like this one).

Other than that, I am planning on reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich 2 times a week.  I will do this until I have read through it 25 times.  I figured that by then it will have sunk and got through my thick skull.  Again I’m not promising anything.

I am also in two online opportunities at the moment.  I am also going to document my results from my three businesses in conjunction.  I will not be directly promoting them but I will have links to them in my blog posts.

So today April 13, 2013 I have $5 in savings (yes being brutally honest here)
My checking let’s just say is in the red.  I am currently getting anywhere from $1000 to $1960 a month for living expenses from the GI bill for going to school.  I am on my way to getting an AA in Business/Administration.  I also am currently waiting on payday which is the 30th of April.

So in Empower Network (business #1 I am making $5 a day, breaking down my monthly residuals in a daily earning). INCOME DISCLOSURE STATEMENT!!

In Profit Clicking Premium I am earning $3.43 a day.  This is what I cash out, not repurchase.

So I am currently at $5 (EN) + $3.43 (PC) = $8.43 x 7 days = $59.01 a week online.

So there you have it.  I will read 5 chapters everyday of Think and Grow Rich and document my success!

Let’s give it a shot and see what happens!

-Robert Fraser-