Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to simplify your blogging strategy in 4 fast, fun, steps…

In the world of blogging there is so much out there to do.  Backlinking, SEO, Guest Posting, Social Media, and etc., etc., etc..

Here is the simplest, easiest, thing to keep when mind for you blogging strategy!

Just think of it as an online conversation. 

That is what blog comments (or lack of them in my case, hey if you get any value from this leave a comment!), forum marketing, social media, going viral, and etc. etc. etc. again!

Just think of blogging as having a conversation.  What ever your niche is, blog about it!  Also go visit other blogs in the same niche (yes, your competition) and leave comments.  Those little comments provide back links.  The more back links the better!

In the beginning, I thought that if you just hammer out 1,000 blog posts you will get traffic.  I used to write about 5-7 blog posts per day.  I was getting traffic and making money (to see how click here), but there is an easier way to leverage blogging.

1)  Write at least one blog post per day (or week, or month, the more often the better)
2)  Every single blog post share on all your social media sites
3)  Every single blog post find a similar blog and leave a comment backlinking to your post
4)  Do step 3 5-10 times
5)  Remember it’s a conversation, you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and throw your business card in their face!  (ok I originally said four steps but I lied)

-Robert Fraser-