Monday, August 12, 2013

Why not keeping track of your links is costing you leads!?

Why not keeping track of your links is costing you leads!

This is something that I have heard so many times and yet still haven’t let sink in through my thick skull!

For a long time I haven’t kept track of my links whether they were business opportunity, affiliate products, and network or internet marketing links.  I would post ads on Craigslist and Backpage, blog, and really that was about it.

Just when I started actually monitoring my links and tracking where leads and clicks were coming from, I started seeing how making money online really becomes as easy as ‘following the numbers.’

For example, I thought that nobody clicks on banners.  At the top of this blog is a banner to which before I didn’t think anyone clicked on banners.  As soon as I started tracking those banners, I found out that in fact they are getting clicks and I am getting leads from them.

In fact, yesterday that very same banner at the top of this blog post got me 3 leads!!!

What does that do to my ‘motivation’ to blog?  That actually pushes me to take more of the right actions to promote my business instead of thinking that nothing is working.

Just tracking your links will give you a new found insight to how your business is progressing!

-Robert Fraser-