Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 stupid simple tips to get more blog traffic

This is going to be a quick one.

The first tip is to blog consistently.  It doesn’t matter if that is once a year, month, week, or preferably once a day.  The more consistent you are with your blogging the better.  The more often you blog is a bit better, as long as you are putting out good content!

The more regularly you blog encourages more people to check back often for update.  If you update your blog on a sporadic basis, then your visitor will be just that!  Sproadic!

The second tip is to leave comments on other blogs linked back to your blog.  Most bloggers love good and quality blog comments.  The more comments you leave out there the better.  I have recently started implementing this strategy and am getting progressively more people coming to my blog on a daily basis.

Not to mention, that the banner I have at the top (now that I’m tracking my links) is getting me on average 2-4 leads per day!

-Robert Fraser-