Sunday, December 1, 2013

How many shares should I buy in the Get Weekly Paychecks Co Op?

How many shares should I buy in the Get Weekly Paychecks Co Op?

If you are in Motor Club of America and are promoting it with the Get Weekly Paychecks system, then first of all congrats!!  If you are not, then you want to know about the potential to Get Weekly Paychecks with Motor Club of America by clicking here.

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As you probably know you can purchase the shares in the back office for $50 a share (or at least you do now).

I would personally recommend that you purchase as many as you can afford without going broke or hungry lol.  I have to write this because I was at a point to where I would literally put my last $50 in purchasing a share and then not having enough to put into my gas tank.

What I did was just budget to buy one share a week.  One share lasts about 15 days and what happens is your branded Motor Club of America website goes into a rotation with the other members who are in the co op with you.  I usually net anywhere from 20-40 leads per share.  The more co op shares you consistently buy the more leads you get.  The more leads you get the more MCA sales you make.

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One MCA sale gets you $80.  Where else do you know where you can spend $50 to get $80?!

If you can afford 2 a week, then just stick to that.  Just staying consistent at it will give you the best results.

That’s the hardest lesson I had to learn was that if I was just consistent at blogging, and purchasing advertising and over time that is what brings success!

Just stick with 1, 2, or 3 shares until you start making regular sales, then scale up from there!

I also use CPC broker to purchase my traffic from.  I use this in addition to the shares I get in GWP.  Click here to check it out!  Instead of a weekly $50 I just pay $200 for the month and usually get about 80ish opted in leads and usually 3-4 sales!  This is an average!!  Again let me remind you, consistent advertising works best!!! 

Staying consistent at purchasing the same amount of advertising will land you the biggest results!

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-Robert Fraser-