Sunday, March 9, 2014

3 Ways to get 15 – 20 leads daily

I have been learning a lot about marketing lately and the below strategies are from my own daily experience.  I am a normal guy and don’t consider myself a “guru.”  I am just a former Marine who is learning how to market myself and take my experiences and share them here so be sure to reach out to me via FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

1 Blog daily

The more blog posts I write equals the more people who see my content.  I am putting 100% of my focus here on my Google blogger blog and I write and then share on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, IboToolbox, and Google +!  I do this everyday.

2 Shoot videos daily

My YouTube channel is growing by leaps and bounds.  Youtube has a feature where you can track how long your videos are watched on a daily basis and MY HIGHEST DAY so far was 16 HOURS!  Various Youtubers watched my videos for a total of 16 HOURS a few days ago!

Imagine what that can do for your business!

CPC broker allows you to simply pay for traffic and this promotes my business on auto pilot.  I consistently order a new advertising campaign every month as CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!

It’s just that simple!  To learn more about marketing and making money online CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading my post on 3 Ways to get 15 – 20 leads daily and I look forward to reading your comments.  Feel free to leave a comment and share the post.

Rob Fraser

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