Monday, March 10, 2014

Learn how to produce more by reading more

I have always struggled between taking more action in my business and reading.  I thought reading was essentially a waste and that if I wanted results, I should just take more action.

What I have discovered was that reading actually helps, inspires, and motivates me to produce more.  In actuality, the more I read is the more I produce.

My main marketing strategies are blogging and video marketing.  Reading stimulates my thinking and helps me to continue producing top notch content.

I have recently adopted a reading schedule that allows me to consume 5 ½ books each week and that doesn’t get in the way of my productivity goals.

For example, currently I am cranking out 5-10 Youtube videos and 1-2 blog posts on a daily basis.  I break down my reading into short chunks and read a portion in the morning, afternoon, and evening (before I get too tired).

This helps my productivity, mood, and inspiration.  Les Brown himself says he reads 2-3 books weekly!

Thanks for reading my post on producing more by reading more and I look forward to reading your comments.  Feel free to leave a comment and share this post.

Rob Fraser

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