Monday, March 17, 2014

Could your company go out of business?

I sponsored over 100+ people into various programs and learned from experience that any business can go out of business.

It’s like getting kicked in the teeth when you are living off the income.

I was in Zeek Rewards and was making $450 a week and then they SEC came in and shut it down.  I was operating with Zeek Rewards because I thought they were legal and Kevin Grimes (top MLM lawyer) was on Zeek’s staff to ensure it was legit.

But in business anything can happen.

Do you see how this can happen?

Needless to say, after picking myself up I am super convinced that having multiple streams of income will protect me from further businesses going out of business.

I am using the Top Networker’s Group (made up of multiple streams) to protect myself and would highly recommend it to ANYONE who wants to protect themselves in this highly volatile economy.

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Rob Fraser

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