Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is your massive action MASSIVE ENOUGH??

When I first began marketing, I thought that “I’ll just have to ‘show the plan’ to a few friends and contacts and be in profit.”  I was a little wrong on that one!

It never works that way.  In theory, it sounds good but reality has another take on it!  In fact, you may need to show the plan to 100-1000 people just to make one sale!  Often times you may get hundreds of “leads” without one sale!

When you take massive action, you will eventually reach the multitude of people to get into profit.  There is marketing and also there is connecting (and reconnecting) with your existing leads over a period of time, before they will get to know, like, and trust you enough to join the business!

The ideal vehicle I made a decision to take massive action is Motor Club of America.

Massive action is a MUST to succeed in any business!  Don’t underestimate the effort required to make your dreams a reality (or just earn a few extra bucks each week online).

Rob Fraser