Saturday, March 15, 2014

Discover how to earn 40-80 cents per lead who opts into your capture page

I’m going to keep this short and to the point.  I’m in Motor Club of America and I use the Get Weekly Paychecks system to market MCA online.

I recently calculated my numbers and discovered that for every 100 leads that opts into this capture page, I sponsor 1 person into MCA!  Each person sponsored in MCA gets me a cool $80 direct deposited into my bank the next Friday.

So breaking it down I can say every lead is worth 80 cents.  Why because 100 leads = 1 sale or $80.  So $80/100 leads = 80 cents every time I get a new lead and I get paid on that 80 cents every time I get 100 leads!

Imagine getting paid 80 cents per opt in lead to your website!

Absolute worst case scenario 200 leads per sale so $80/200 leads = 40 cents every time you get a new lead!

$80/200 leads = 40 cents per lead
$80/100 leads = 80 cents per lead

Are you beginning to see how easy this is?

These are the leads I generated today for MCA

Would you like to earn 80 cents per lead?

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Rob Fraser