Saturday, March 15, 2014

My first cold call

Yesterday I decided to make a decision and call the leads from my Secret Lead Factory.

I figure the only way to get good at cold calling (talking to new people everyday) is to actually start to do it.

The very first lead I called answered and I decided to go for it

I learned the issue with “bought” leads is that the objection is always “I don’t remember putting my info in any websites”

When I get that objection, I redirect with “well since I’m on the phone now, would you be willing to look over some information” and just going for the “yes” or the “no.”

If I get a yes “great, (verify the email and send this presentation).  If I get a no, then “great, have a nice day” because I have over 800,000 other leads that I can call!

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Rob Fraser