Saturday, April 26, 2014

Craziness in the market place doesn’t affect the protected

What do I mean?  There is some craziness over the company Herbalife in the media.  In fact, check it out HERE.

I have recently teamed up with the Top Networker’s Group in which we build the team and the companies are irrelevant.  The companies are good but we don’t base our security on any one company.

For example, if I was in Herbalife right now and trying to build it.  Imagine me approaching someone who has been following the story in the media about them.  That makes it hard to build.

However, if I focus on building my network regardless of ABC or XYZ company, then people would be more so inclined to join me because I’m asking you to join me and not any one company.

Companies come and go virtually every day.  The only way to protect ourselves is to build a team around a core group of companies.  

To learn more about our network CLICK HERE!

Rob Fraser