Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Network Marketing

I sometimes ask myself this question over and over again when I’m getting told no. 

Then I meet someone who sees the value in network marketing, joins my business, and then we both make money.  Moments like that is when I’m reminded why I’m doing this.

When I first got out of the Marines, I was angry, negative, and broke.  I also recently learned what truly being broke is. 

Broke is without friends, family, or assets!  Friends and family are important but focusing more on the financials, you can have cash and not have any assets.

So I have started buying silver, opened a couple of investment accounts, and lastly building my own personal network.

Your network and your net worth are closely related!  
You will learn that when you line yourself up with business minded individuals that will change your thinking which will change your life!

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Rob Fraser