Friday, May 30, 2014

How to get people to watch your business presentation

I’m writing this blog post partially out of frustration and a little bit of humor.  If you are in network, internet, or affiliate marketing and have a social media presence that highlights that fact, then I’m sure you can relate. 

When was the last time you got a spammy email from a “would be” marketer?  As soon as you make your presence known on any social media platform that you are in the work from home industry, that’s basically putting a big red target on your profile for amateur to send you spam.

Today, I got two emails and am shortening them for your reading sake!

Email 1:

Title:   If you knew - What would you do?

If you knew you could make a ton of money Giving away a FREE money saving mobile app, wouldn't you want to know more? 

Get in front of the wealth wave. Listen to this very important Recorded call

If you have an interest give me a call at 

What do you think of that email?  I don’t even talk to this guy on a regular basis and he also sends me various offers every two weeks or so.  Would you agree that his email isn’t persuasive?  I mean if he sent that same email out (which I’m sure he did) to hundreds or thousands of people, I’m sure he would get a few bites.

Look we all have lives and can’t spend 100% of our time on Facebook trying to build a business in between living but we won’t get their either by spamming everyone we connect with.

Below is another portion of another email:

if you are not getting the results you truly desire with the program then I have something 
that I think you should take a serious look at.. 

These are real people, getting real results, and before I let the cat out the bag, check out this video, you can thank me later... I've been in a lot of network marketing programs and this one is the only one where you can truly make an income without recruiting anyone. 

So if this sounds interesting to you take a look to get all the details and I'll talk with you soon. 

Here's the link:

What do you think of that email?  I had a small conversation with this guy which preceded his pitch.  I connected and asked if he would be open to a side project that wouldn’t get in the way of your XYZ business, would you be interested in taking a look at it?

He did take a look at it and the previous email is what he sent in reply. 

I have found the best way is to simply ask questions.  I connect with people everyday and then at a certain point in the conversation I ask “Hey, if I could show you a way to bring in some extra weekly cash that doesn’t get in the way… would you be interested in checking it out?” 

They will say “yes,” “what is let,” “what are you talking about,” or “hell no!”  Either which way then I simply refer them to my video below for more information.  The video is a short blurb from me and then will place my presentation link below the video.

I have found that when I send them to a video which introduces a capture page or a landing page, that I get more results.

Below is a new video that I’m using for this purpose and in fact, you can click the link below as well!


Rob Fraser