Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to build your online business when you don’t have time

How to build your online business when you don’t have time

I’m just banging out this quick post before I head down to my monthly San Diego Investment Club meeting.  I’m writing this actually to talk about blogging and how it builds your online business when you don’t have the time to.

I was in a previous opportunity and I sponsored 65+ people into it and it was done 100% through blogging.  I just got out of the Marine Corps and was looking for a full time job.  I found a couple of opportunities online and at night I would write a couple of blog posts documenting my success with my old company. 

At first, it took a while before my blogs started to get read but I kept hammering away at it.  I had free blogs and have also used a paid platform that also taught blogging techniques.  What I have learned over time that it really doesn’t matter where you blog but that you are the author of your content and that it’s 100% original.

We write blogs to get found online.  In a perfect world, we would like our blog on the first page of Google but that hardly happens.  I have studied SEO for a while but at the end of the day, it takes a lot of work to get on the first page, maintain it, and not to mention the intense competition.

So the next best thing, is to just tell your story and engage in social media (when you have the time).  I would also recommend blogging over social media.  Social media requires a lot of attention and it’s a social platform.  That means you have to be social and when you have a life, kids, full time job, school classes, and etc you can’t be checking Facebook every 5 minutes.

Also your social media posts disappear from the news feed after a while and you are back at square one.  I use Hootsuite to program Tweets and status updates throughout the day.  I also use Hootsuite to blast out my blogs and videos.

Now, I try to get one blog post or video done and upload it on the world wide web, send it out on social media, answer a few emails, and go on about my life!

At the end of the day, whatever business you are in you need people to see your business.  Whether you connect with them on social media, offline, or pay for traffic you succeed in your business by constantly getting in front of new people.  This can be challenging when you have a life but if you just take 30 minutes to write one blog post and a few minutes to share your thoughts on social media over time you can build a profitable business in conjunction with having a full time life!

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Rob Fraser

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