Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3 reasons not to sleep on Google Plus or Blogger

3 reasons not to sleep on Google Plus or Blogger

So going down the never ending SEO hole of my internet marketing fairytale, I have recently discovered something very cool things with Google+ and Blogger!

Nothing here is new but it’s new to me since I have recently learned these things embarrassingly enough and of course going to tell the world through it through my own +blogger blog!

Shout outs work!

What do I mean about shout outs?  Well I follow a guy named +Grant Cardone  on +YouTube  and because I just called him out, people who follow him may check out my blog.  It’s similar to using hashtags on Twitter, of course don’t over do it!

Also as a side note, if you aren’t following Grant Cardone go to his Youtube channel here and immediately get subscribed and plugged in!

Everything working together

Google+, Blogger, and YouTube are owned by Google and wouldn’t it make sense to play the Google game and get your marketing efforts plugged into these same avenues?  Everything I put on my blog here is linked to my Google+ and YouTube account.  The more links spidering back and forth the better.

Videos with Google hangouts rank

I have not personally experiemented with this one and I have researched a few people using this strategy and I have seen a lot of Google Hangout videos ranking over Youtube.  Youtube is still a money maker as far as SEO goes but don’t sleep on Google hangouts either!

Hopefully you got some value and leave a comment if you have learned anything.  Also duplicate content doesn’t hurt SEO particularly but it doesn’t help either!

Rob Fraser
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