Thursday, July 31, 2014

3 tips on keeping your Youtube channel from getting flagged

3 tips on keeping your Youtube channel from getting flagged

After hearing about and witnessing a number of  Youtube channels get flagged and removed, I decided to pour over the Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines and see how to protect my YouTube channel.

I have over 520 videos on my channel and have compared my channel to others whose channels have got flagged after 100 or so videos and have come up with a few things so far!

Those misleading marketing titles

You have seen them.  “XYZ scam – Don’t join XYZ they scammed me” and then in the video the person is a member of XYZ.  Granted the title is somewhat attention grabbing it goes against the grain and could be labeled as misleading.

If you have an excessive amount of videos like this, standby to get flagged!

Talk about your title

Again with the misleading marketing, using another company’s or product to bash or talk about and then redirecting to your company or product, again this could be construed as misleading. 

It’s ok if you have a handful (5-10) but if every other video is like this, standby to get flagged!

Mix it up a bit

If every video is a product review then that could be looked at as spam.  Mix it up a bit.  I talk about life lessons, my experience, things to look out for, my blog posts on generic marketing information, etc. 

In the past I’ve only uploaded videos about my business (Big Profit System) but that puts one in a precarious position and it’s vital to mix it up.

Mixing it up also adds to the overall channel’s authority and the more diverse content the better!

I hope you got some value out of this as I have just read the community guidelines and TOS right before writing this.  I suggest giving it a once over every couple of months to keep your stuff protected. 

Also back up all your videos on a hard drive in case because there are some haters out there!  Lastly, keep your videos short and to the point.  Youtube has a data base but if every one of your videos is 20 minutes long about the same topics again standby to get flagged!

Rob Fraser
P.S.  Leave a comment below about some other YouTube protections!

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