Saturday, October 4, 2014

How I am using My Advertising Pays to market RE 247365

How I am using My Advertising Pays to market RE 247365

In this short post, I’m going to explain why and how I am using My Advertising Pays to market RE 247365 online.  If you don’t know RE 247365 is a home business opportunity involving energy, travel, and business loan sectors and is only operable in the United States.  This is the reason why I use My Advertising Pays to market RE 247365 online and only in the U.S.

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Well buying traffic from any source is as simple as the more traffic you buy equals the more leads and sales you will get.  I have got leads and sales from My Advertising Pays traffic.

So there is actually so much potential from a team to utilize My Advertising Pays, the Home Success Network, and RE 247365.  So let’s lay this out.

RE 247365 is the company and you can check out why I chose RE 247365 to run with.  The Home Success Network is the marketing system I use to promote RE 247365 online and make virtual sales.  My Advertising Pays is the place where I go to buy traffic to send to my Home Success Network marketing system. 

My Advertising Pays allows you to purchase credit packs that will get you 550 unique visitors to your website.  Each credit pack is $49.99 which is comparable to most traffic vendors.  I still use CPC Broker and for $200 you get anywhere from 160-250 clicks.  I recommend using both however there is something that My Advertising Pays has over CPC Broker. 

Now CPC Broker does have an affiliate program where if someone buys traffic from your link, you get credit and more traffic for less money. 

However each credit pack you buy on My Advertising Pays will enable you to earn $60 for each $49.99 credit pack bought.  You get a virtual guarantee on your marketing dollars with My Advertising Pays, or MAPS, vice in CPC Broker you will get leads and sales, however once your money is spent that is it. 

So say you join RE 247365 and the Home Success Network.  You then join MAPS and start marketing your business. 

You decide to spend the $50 (49.99 rounded up a penny) and that’s $50 that will turn into $60 over a period of varying time.  Once it turns into $50 you can repurchase another credit pack and pocket the $10!!  Do this 5 more times and you made back your initial $50!!  

Now you bring in one new person.  You teach them how to do the same.  They join RE 247365 and the Home Success Network.  They also join MAPS and purchase 1 credit pack for the $50.  You now have $100 marketing your RE 247365 business because when they sponsor a person, you get compensated not to mention the credit pack they buy in MAPS will also compensate you. 

Do you see where this is going?  The more people we have doing this same thing, the faster we will dominate all of MAPS traffic and build a massive team in RE 247365 and the best thing about it is no spending all day on Facebook like the rest of the population. 

I suggest only marketing on Facebook once you are making money.  The best thing about it is My Advertising Pays and RE 247365 pays daily!  So if you need to hustle your butt off to pay some bills then consider this strategy. 

I use my daily profits from My Advertising Pays to pay for my RE 247365 and Home Success Network Marketing sites.  My business is now 100% free with the exception of the time I spend writing blog posts and shooting videos!

If you are already in RE 247365 and need a marketing system check out the Home Success Network marketing system.

Check out how My Advertising Pays can help free up your business, give you more traffic, and an extra daily paycheck!

Rob Fraser

P.S. Never Stop Pushing!
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