Monday, October 6, 2014

Simplifying your RE 247365 Business

Simplifying your RE 247365 Business

I’m writing this after reading Seth Godin’s blog post on simplifying and scaling up.  Seth explains the case where a small business had passion, enthusiasm, and excitement (kinda paraphrasing and expanding on what he wrote).  Once that business starts to expand and get larger, it hires new employees who don’t really have that same drive and passion.

This passion, drive, and enthusiasm is what is getting more business, however the more employees you have the less drive you have.  People who start work are “just working here” rather than really seeing the vision. 

Kinda like a Mom and Pop shop compared to a Walmart.

One of the takeaways I got was about simplicity in my own business.  I am in RE 247365 (if you haven’t got that already lol) and I have been marketing all over the place.  I have been blogging, shooting videos, posting ads, paid traffic, and etc. 

A lot of highly successful people in marketing always say stick to one or two modalities and master it.  I thought, well I know how to blog so how can I master it?

Mastering a marketing modality is essentially getting the results you want from it.  For example blogging, I would like to get daily leads and sales from my blog.  That means I shouldn’t stop blogging, learning about blogging, seo, etc until I am getting the results that I want from blogging. 

This will also allow me to put more focus into blogging.  The more focus will net me more knowledge and results if I stick to the plan. 

The same thing applies to my video marketing.  I wholeheartedly believe that writing and speaking are two skills that should be cultivated daily.  So putting that into action why not stick to writing one piece of content in the form of a blog post, article, or press release (all the same thing really just a 500 word article) and shoot one video everyday.

Applying this to business at first I thought it would be difficult to write about my RE 247365 travel opportunity everyday but what you just read in this post is how to get around it. 

How to simplify your RE 247365 business

Read or listen to something of value

Put it in your own words

Give the takeaway

Explain how this can help your business

Call to action

And that right there should be applied to every video and blog post.  Just do that once a day with the intent of really learning something new and eventually people will start coming to you for business advice left and right.  People are starting to find me for content I have produced and it only compounds as time goes on. 

Staying consistent and persistent will get you the best results and it’s not an overnight thing!

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