Saturday, October 11, 2014

Total Funnel System

Total Funnel System

In my last post, I gave a short Total Funnel System Review and in this post am going to talk a little more about the Total Funnel System.  Of all the programs I have been involved with, the Total Funnel System (TFS) will always be a part of my online money making programs.  The reason is because I’m forever qualified to earn over and over again without spending any money.  This brings me to my first point.

Forever qualified with the Total Funnel System

Being forever qualified with the Total Funnel System means that you have to qualify on steps 1, 2, and 3 to be able to earn daily in this program.  Getting qualified is simply participating in a couple of free trial offers in various Fortune 500 companies in Fast Track, Express, and Double My Cash Freebies. 

How to market the Total Funnel System

Marketing the Total Funnel System can be done in a variety of methods.  The back office has a lot of detailed training on exactly how to get people to your website.  This is a system that pays daily and the ultimate goal is to get enough people to see your website everyday that you make at least on Fast Track sale everyday.  The back office covers things such as blogging, video marketing, SEO, and copywriting.  Join the TFS for free and check out the training yourself!

What does the Total Funnel System market

Fast Track, Express, and Double My Cash Freebies are the three leading programs within the TFS.  Empower Network, My Lead System Pro, and Pure Leverage are a couple of other programs however Empower Network is all you really need.  Steps 1 through 4 and you have your complete total funnel setup.  You also need an auto responder and I personally use Aweber.

True Multiple Streams of Income with the TFS

There are multiple streams of income within TFS.  I personally feel that Steps 1 through 4 are all you really need.  Getting qualified on step 1 through 3 are no brainer’s in my opinion because once you get qualified, you can then earn over and over again without worrying about anything essentially.

I have had times where I couldn’t afford my monthly autoship or program fees and with the cash freebies sites you don’t have that problem.  I think I spent about $7 total 2 years ago to get qualified and have been in profit since my first referral qualified.

IBO ToolBox

Getting qualified is simply participating in any of the various free trials.  I did the credit report, got a real nice steak knife (only paid shipping and handling), and got a couple issues of a magazine (again only paid shipping). 

In the beginning, when I first started to make money online I earned early and quickly with this program.  I since then bounced around from program to program and am finally realizing that it isn’t the program that’s going to make you a lot of money.  It is you that’s going to make you a lot of money.

Staying focused and consistent on building one income stream until “it” works will always get you the best results.  Once you are making a significant amount ($10,000 per month), then you can think about another income stream!

Check out the Total Funnel System in action!

Rob Fraser
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