Friday, October 10, 2014

Total Funnel System Review

Total Funnel System Review

In this short article, I’m going to talk about the total funnel system and you can consider this my total funnel system review.  I will let you know off the bat though, that I am a member and do have a biased opinion of the total funnel system.  After reading this short article you will easily see why I am biased about the total funnel system and you will join so you can make money online too!

What is the total funnel system

The total funnel system is an online money making platform and marketing system created by Jon Mroz.  Jon Mroz is one of the top income earners in Empower Network.  I have learned that when following people online you should follow one person who is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. 

How do you make money in the Total Funnel System

The money is made on the first four steps of the total funnel system.  Steps 1-3 are Fast Track Freebies, Express Cash, and Double My Cash Freebies.  Step 4 is Empower Network.  Now to start making money, only step 1 needs to be completed to get off to a fast start, however when you complete steps 1-4 completely your income potential more than triples.

Say you refer one person to the total funnel system and they complete step 1.  You will earn an easy $10 paid within 24 hours to your paypal account.  Also completing step 1 doesn’t cost $10 but more like $1-2ish depending on the offers. 

So if you complete step 1 then a referral is only worth $10. 

Completing steps 1-2 increases this amount exponentially.  Say you refer someone to the total funnel system and they complete steps 1 and 2.  Now that referral is worth $35!  Steps 1 through 3 and they will be worth $70!

Where does the big money come in with the Total Funnel System

The big money comes in with the total funnel system and Empower Network.  You can literally use the Cash Freebies sites to pay for your Empower Network products and memberships.  A referral’s value in Empower is worth just over $4500 totaling $4570 with the cash freebies sites.  This is an approximation as only a certain amount of people will complete all four steps.  The goal is to simple sort through people by using the marketing system and finding those who want to maximize their income.

The total funnel system is a free marketing system and you can see it here.  To get qualified you must participate in fast track, express, and double my cash freebies.  Once you get qualified in those three programs you don’t have invest another cent to get all in with Empower Network to start making more and more money. 

I got qualified with the cash freebies sites about 2 years ago and everything is purely profit.  I don’t have to worry about money going out each month to cover my program dues and it takes the stress off of trying to run a business and calculate expenses. 

Check out my youtube total funnel system review!

P.S. See the Total Funnel System in action!