Monday, February 15, 2016

Changing Direction with Total Life Changes

If you have been following me for a while, then you know that I used to be a huge fan of revenue sharing advertising companies. Lately, because of all the payment processor issues that these types of companies have, I have decided to change.

That brings me to today's post talking about Total Life Changes. I've been making money online since January of 2015. April 30, 2015 I was in over $102,000 of bad debt. $93,000+ of that was past due child support and about $21,000+ of that was just interest alone.

Fast forward to today (February 15, 2016) I am now 100% debt free. I've paid all my debt off in full without loans, without claiming bankruptcy, and without borrowing money from anyone who would be crazy enough to lend it to me.  I'm also earning 6 figures as results are not typical but they are obtainable if you stay close to me and following my calculated plan. 

I've paid it off through profits from my online business. It hasn't always been easy. I have followed a lot of people who didn't tell me what I needed to do to actually make money.

It's my intention through my blog here to share with you my plan and exactly how I've done it. Total Life Changes is just one aspect of my online money making system.

Total Life Changes is the business. With any business, if you don't tell anyone about it, then you will not make any money. So we need a great marketing system that will allow us to copy a system that works and that gives us the flexibility to add our own personality and flavor to it.

Power Lead System is that marketing system we use that connects our business to our audience.
Lastly, we need constant traffic (people to show our business to) to make this whole system work. This is why I blog, shoot youtube videos, and buy traffic.

My three main paid traffic sources are MLM Leads, Udimi Solo Ads, and Traffic Authority
I use all three of these traffic sources constantly and they also have their own affiliate programs. So what I just revealed to you are 5 streams of income built into one system. Let me explain (this is how I've paid off over $102K of debt in under 8 months)

When you commit to our system and someone joins you in Total Life Changes, they need to get the marketing system to duplicate your results. So you give them your Power Lead System affiliate link. Once they get setup (and also in our Facebook group), your new sign ups will want to get traffic flowing to their system so they can start making money.

This is where you will share your MLMLeads, Udimi Solo Ads, and Traffic Authority affiliate links. Now just starting out, your new business partners will have small advertising budgets, and that's OK. Just be sure to tell your folks to start where they can.

In the beginning, I committed to buying 50 click solo ads once a week from Udimi for $17-25. Over time, because I got sign ups and started making money, I was able to buy 100 click solo ads every week. This gradually increased to 100 click solo ads 7 days per week. My highest, I was buying 10,000 clicks per week!

Can you see how this is powerful? This takes off when your team duplicates and they buy traffic from your MLM Leads, Udimi, and Traffic Authority affiliate links. This is more money for your marketing and your pockets or purses!

Wrapping this up for now. Bookmark this blog and leave a comment if you got any value.

Also if you aren't in my system, then see why it works HERE

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