Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to use the Perpetual Traffic Model to build your primary business

The ideals or concepts laid out in this post are from a confirmed million dollar earner. I would include his name but I don't have a personal connect with the guy so I won't throw his name around.

In this post, I'm going to cover how to use the Perpetual Traffic Business Model to build your primary business and how you can profit.

I'm going to cover what the perpetual traffic model is and how we promote it with our business.

What is the perpetual traffic model 

The perpetual traffic model is simply a rev share advertising source combined with another traffic source. In the case of this post, the rev share advertising source I'm going to be writing about is Traffic Monsoon. The other traffic source in this case is going to be Traffic Authority.

The idea is to leverage the rev share company and use the profits generated at Traffic Monsoon to buy traffic over and over again from Traffic Authority. So, instead of using your pockets to buy this traffic, we are using profits from TM to get “free” traffic from TA.

We work our TM rev share account up to a certain point and then use this money over and over again buying new traffic from TA. This gives us a virtual traffic source AND when you teach your folks to do the same, you will get paid in Traffic Monsoon AND Traffic Authority.

What I do is promote Traffic Authority on the Traffic Monsoon traffic exchange using the Power Lead System. When you get the Power Lead System and become a gold member, you get access to my share code linking these three programs together.

How to build your primary business

The last piece is your primary business. All you simply do is whenever your purchase a traffic package from Traffic Authority using your Traffic Monsoon profits, send that traffic to your primary business.

Following what I laid out in this post took me from earning $250 a week to now over $1000 per day. See income disclosure here. The structure can be used with any rev share, traffic source, and business you are promoting. I use this structure with Traffic Authority, Power Lead System, and Traffic Monsoon.

Rob Fraser
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