Friday, July 22, 2016

Skinny Body Care Marketing Tools

I've decided to run with Skinny Body Care as my primary business. Last year, I've paid off over $102,xxx of bad debt using a strategy with a rev share, marketing system, and business. The rev share and marketing system is still the same, but I just recently changed out the company and decided Skinny Body Care was the perfect choice.

Skinny Body Care Marketing Tools

So, for starters Skinny Body Care (SBC) has everything you need to promote the business and products. When you log into your back office and click on 'Home' and then in the middle of the page you will see Marketing Tools.

or see the pics below

The best thing I can share here is the only thing you really have to do is get people to see your replicated SBC capture pages. You can see an example of one of mine by clicking here. Making money online is simple with opportunities like this, but it's not easy. It's simple because all you have to focus on is getting lots of people to see the capture page. The more people who see the page equals the more who will put in their “real email address.” The more people who do that will eventually join after a while.

“Some will, some won't, so what..”

There is no explaining, selling, meetings, 3 way phone calls, and etc unless you really want to do those things. I let the website and automated presentation do all the work. The more presentations you give equals the more people who will eventually join. I joined July 2, 2016 and here it is 22 days later and I've personally sponsored over 125 people and it's still growing.

Some of those folks have been following me and the majority have all come from my traffic sources. Now below I'm going to let my videos do the talking but I have three versions of my Perpetual Traffic Plan which will ensure that, if you follow my plan long enough after you join, you will get enough people to see your website to earn profit.

Lastly, I highly recommend using the Power Lead System as part of your Skinny Body Care Marketing Tool Suite simply because after a while those replicated pages are going to be worn out from everyone using them. This is after you already have some profits from SBC and from my traffic plan.

Rob Fraser

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