Monday, September 26, 2016

How much will your auto-ship be worth in six months

This question is what got my attention about the programs I’m promoting online compared to International Silver Network (which is another program to promote online).  Of everything that we promote online, shouldn’t it make sense that we find something that will benefit us in the long run?

Think about it.

One of my programs that I promote is a diet pill, energy drink, and other health products focused company.  I’m not knocking the company because I do believe in the products and system, however think about how much will your auto-ship be worth in six months.

With my company that I’m promoting above, I already have 2 months of the product in my cabinet.  This is partially my fault, but this is also human nature.  How many products have you purchased that you haven’t used?  Think about it.  Have you ever bought a piece of exercise equipment that’s now collecting dust in the basement?  I have an ab roller, exercise core ball, yoga mat, and a few other exercise gismos that I am not regularly using.

The same thing can happen with products from programs we have an auto-ship to.  Now I am working on taking my diet pills a bit better but something else has caught my attention.

If I’m going to be promoting programs with auto-ships, then wouldn’t it make sense that the product would be something that I wouldn’t mind stockpiling?  It’s already hard enough to get sign ups in these online programs.  Most health products we can simply circumvent the inflated cost and go down to our local health food store and this is generally a common objection.

With International Silver Network, our net worth will actually grow each time we buy our monthly order.  Even if folks don’t join us, we will still get more “real money” each month and grow our assets.  When we purchase the monthly product (either gold or silver), we haven’t “lost” any money.  In fact, we can always trade our precious metals back into cash. 

So, really we are simply trading our paper dollars for silver or gold (or both).  To me, this just makes sense.  I don’t care if folks don’t join or not, because I know each month my savings will grow if I just maintain my auto-ship.  Now compare that to potions, super juice, or magic pills. 

International Silver Network also is a complete system, which means when you join you get everything needed to promote and make money with this opportunity.

So, my thinking is to position ISN on the back end of most of my systems that I’ve put together.

Check out my FutureNet Asset Plan with ISN Parts ONE and TWO

Also for you My Paying Ads users check out the Money Flow with My Paying Ads and ISN Here

I hope this blog post lays out and explains why I positioned ISN into my portfolio.  If you have any questions, then leave them under the video.  If you are interested in checking out ISN, then click here for the Power Lead System versionClick here for the company replicated copy and paste version.

Both work, but I recommend using the PLS version as you will want to build your own list (and have another stream of income to boot).

Lastly, if you using my Broke Man’s Plan using My Paying Ads and Lead Lightning, then click here and see how I put ISN on the back end of that system.

Questions, comments, concerns leave in the comments below.  More will be coming out and I’ll be hosting weekly webinars to go over this strategy in the future.  My facebook group highlighting my freedom plan can be accessed by clicking here.

Rob Fraser

P.S. I’m still promoting my diet pills and potions, but for the folks who don’t join me there they can get offered ISN instead.  See my complete systems video here