Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Unlimited Wealth System Email Schedule

Today, I’m going to talk about how I promote everything within the Unlimited Wealth System by building one email list and the email schedule that I use to lump everything together.  I build one email list promoting the Unlimited Wealth System, and then I email that same list 4 times per week with themed emails that go along with the day I’m emailing.

Get on my email list here if you aren’t already on so you can see for yourself this plan in action!

What days of the week I email my list?

First, I only email my list 4 days per week.  Those days are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I’ve found that over time it really doesn’t matter what the days are specifically.  It is more important you have a plan.  There is always someone on the internet looking for ways to get ahead financially 24/7.  I remember I was doing the same 4 years ago on Christmas, but that’s another story.

My email schedule with the themed days are Self Development Sundays, Trading All Crypto Tuesdays, Win on Wednesdays, and Fast Money Fridays. 

The idea is to put out content (videos on youtube or blogs here or on IBOToolbox) with that same theme.  It is about combining the email strategy with a content marketing strategy.  I teach both of these courses in the Power Lead System’s Master Traffic Institute. 

Self Development Sunday

How this looks is on Sunday, I’ll put out a video talking about something I have learned in my personal journey in online marketing.  Check out an example here.
That video I just shared will also go in my email that will hit my email list on Self Development Sunday.  This serves a number of different purposes. 

Set content and email schedule

Following this theme gives me a set content and email schedule.  This makes my business very easy.  I don’t have to think about “what am I going to email my list about today” or “what kind of video am I going to upload today.”  I just think about what the day is and what I have learned during the week and put it in an email and voila!

Know, Like, and Trust

This gets people knowing, liking, and trusting you.  I’m sure you have heard that people join people they know, like, and trust.  There is no better way than introducing people to your content and business plan.  Now, compare everything I’m doing here to most people who just send out spammy emails.

Who would you rather join?  Someone who is constantly spamming your email inbox, or someone who has a definite plan, clear instructions, a long-term vision, and content where you can get a deeper understanding of my thinking and systems?

Who do you think is more long-term?  Someone who is joining a new deal every week, or someone who puts time into creating content revolving around the existing plan (The Unlimited Wealth System).

Trading All Crypto Tuesdays

On Tuesday, I follow the same plan.  I email my list about ICoin Pro, Swiss Gold Global, and Bitclub Network.  I put out a video talking about my progress trading or mining and include that in my email to my list of these three programs.  Lately, I’ve been only limiting my email to having ICoin Pro and Swiss Gold Global because I don’t want to overwhelm my list.  I rotate Bitclub Network in sporadically.

Win on Wednesdays

On Wednesday, I email my list about my marketing system and my traffic sources.  My theme is “how to win in any business” or “Simply Win on Wednesdays” and this gives me the chance to explain my generic marketing system and traffic sources that have kept my business profitable over the past 3+ years.

Fast Money Fridays

On Fridays, I email my list about my Instant Cash Strategy and with any other passive program that I’m in (as of the date of this blog that program is EXP Asset).  I make a video on Friday regarding the theme of the day and I include that in my email.

Then I just keep repeating.  If I join something new, I will either add it to the schedule or send it out one of the other days. 

If you aren’t on my email list, then get on it at this link here and you can see this strategy in action!

Rob Fraser