Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Unlimited Wealth System

This is my newest and most long-term plan.  This blog along with related articles and videos are all going to details the Unlimited Wealth System.  I’m also going to provide a “Broke Man Plan” as well working with this same system for folks who are starting out with a small amount of disposable income (to turn into a full-time income over time).

Today, I’m covering the 20,000 foot (or the bird’s eye) view of the new plans.  I’m just going to list the programs and why they were picked to be a part of this system. 

ICoin Pro (ICP) is one of the first two programs.  This teaches you most everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies and also how to trade them for profit.  I’ve since become a full-time day trader using the knowledge I’ve learned from this program.  My idea is to have a full-time income from marketing and another full-time income from trading so I’m not relying on just one thing for money.

Power Lead System (PLS) is how we promote everything.  All of the programs I’m listing here that are a part of the Unlimited Wealth can also be promoted 100% by themselves.  We combine everything into one sales funnel (Unlimited Wealth System, or UWS) and also have individual sales funnel for each piece for people who may resonate with some programs and not others.

We like to provide options.

Bitclub Network (BCN) is where we mine various cryptocurrencies for profit.  We have this positioned in the back end because not everyone knows that cryptocurrency mining is and is also where ICoin Pro comes in.  We present ICoin Pro first to educate and then present our mining when people have an idea of what it is and why it’s vital.

Global Information Network (GIN) is the most important piece of this whole system, in my opinion.  Constantly participating and listening to the audio training has kept me from doing something very stupid to myself and has allowed me to mentally overcome six figures of debt and I still utilize GIN now more than ever.

The above programs are part of the main system, but I’ve also included a workaround for some additional programs.

Swiss Gold Global is another place where we mine various cryptocurrencies and where we also buy gold and silver.

Mintbuilder is another place where we can buy gold and silver.  We can choose to get paid commissions through bitcoin.

FutureNet/FutureAdPro is a social media and traffic exchange platform that I use to build my network and get more traffic.  I use earnings from FutureNet to continuously purchase traffic to feed this whole system.

Easy 1 Up/Vertex Lead system makes up the Instant Cash Strategy I follow.  For the folks not wanting to use revenue sharing programs for perpetual traffic, my Instant Cash Strategy is another solution.  The idea is to make a sale and then immediately take half and throw it back into paid traffic.

I am going to be diving deeper into my “email schedule” that ties everything together.  This is how I promote multiple streams of income without going crazy.

Traffic Sources

IBOToolbox is like FutureNet and is just another social media platform to get more traffic.

My top paid traffic sources are Udimi Solo Ads, MLM Leads, Traffic 4 Me, and Traffic Authority.

This was just to lay everything out.  Bookmark and come back to this blog often as I’m going to constantly add articles, blog posts, and videos covering the plan and strategy.  This is a long-term plan and if something gets shut down or crashes, we won’t have all of our eggs in one basket.

Lastly, on this blog, I’m going to go into my forecasts on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

I know I dumped quite a lot here, but I just wanted to get it all out there on the table and as I get questions and etc, I will post answers, solutions, and plans here.

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Rob Fraser

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