Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Success is in one more phone call.

What does that mean success is in one more phone call? 

Last night in working my Zeek Rewards business, I was calling on a few people who have opted into my marketing website and of course that always presents a myriad of situations.  I got a lot of wrong numbers and voicemails which is the nature of the beast as this is a numbers game. 

Regardless, after one lady rudely hung up on me, which was my next to last phone call, I was getting a little annoyed.  It isn’t about getting people to join as I only call people after they came to my website and requested more info.  It’s more about they have wanted more info on making money.  They are obviously broke.  They are obviously looking for an extra means of income.  They came to my website and put in their info.  I call them once or twice and get blasted for trying to help!

Regardless, that’s how people are.  I made one more phone call and now I’m welcoming Gloria to my Zeek Rewards team!

Success is in making one more phone call.  Taking one more shot.  Running one more lap.  Throwing one more punch.  Getting up one more time than falling down is what success is!  I hope you get some value out of this!

Robert David Fraser

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