Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometimes you just got to go after your problems!

Sometimes you just got to go after your problems!

Case in point!

Long story short!  I was a little behind on my car payment and was dreading the phone call from the dealership.  It’s a mom and pop’s dealership and so when you are a little late, they usually call fairly quickly after not receiving the payment after 1 or 2 days.

Anyhow, there was a number with the 858 area code on my phone which was in the same place where I bought the car.  I figured that was them with their friendly reminder as to what’s going on with the car payment.

I waited before listening to the voicemail because I wanted to make sure of a couple things and when I would have the money together for the payment.  After thinking about this and worrying about it for about 3 days, I finally cracked and listened to the dreaded voicemail.

I listened to it and realized that the call was not concerning my late payment and in fact, wasn’t the dealership at all.  So, I just laughed at myself for stressing out for the past couple of days for nothing. 

I still have the issue of taking care of my car payment and all but I no longer have that stress bothering me. 

Sometimes you just have to attack whatever the problem is head on!

-Robert Fraser-