Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Helen Woodward Animal Foster Care Program

Helen Woodward Animal Foster Care Program

So this is our 5th, 6th, or 7th pair of puppies that we have watched in the Helen Woodward Animal foster care program!  I actually have lost track!

What happens is when the center gets overrun with young animals, they rely on us, and others, to open our homes to animals for a short period until they are old enough to get adopted.  I don’t know if the center actually gets overrun, but I do know that sometimes they can’t house all the animals and use people like us to help them out.

So I guess you can say that they get overrun lol!

But yes tomorrow early I have to take our current pair back to get spayed and neutered and then on Thursday they go back for keeps! 

It’s kind of a roller coaster as the first couple of days with the new pups can be a little nerve wracking but after 2 weeks it’s always hard to see them go!

One thing is that I can be thankful that I had a part in giving the pups a chance to get on their own four feet and a proper chance on getting a great home.

I know that we only watch puppies but I believe that they also have this program for cats and other animals.  For now, I’m hoping that we just stick to puppies but that is ultimately up to the woman!

-Robert Fraser-