Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Reading “See You at the Top”

On Reading “See You at the Top”

Since joining the Global Information Network, I have been reading and re-reading a number of books to include “See You at The Top” by Zig Ziglar!  Reading these books are really changing me as a person and it’s not a superficial change either!

What I mean by that is that before I would read books to get definite “how to” information.  Reading these books will give you that “how to” information but it will actually become a part of you rather than consciously thinking and applying the information to your life.

“See You at the Top” is a great book on attitude!  Attitude is one of those things that will make or break a person.  If your attitude stinks, then it doesn’t matter how well you can do a certain thing you will not get as far as the guy who may not know how to do that certain thing well, but has a great attitude!

When I got out of the Marines, I will admit I had a bad attitude.  I was angry at life, myself, and everything else under the sun.  Reading books such as “See You at the Top,” “Think and Grow Rich,” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” are really changing my thinking and attitude for the better!

I would highly recommend everyone to give these books your attention and not just once, but over and over again.  I get something new each time I read them!

-Robert Fraser-