Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Don’t Quit

Just Don’t Quit

There are going to be many different obstacles that come your way.  Things will fall apart at the most inconvenient time.  Sometimes you will just plain get in your own way.

I have noticed this in my life.  Sometimes I was looking left when I should have been looking right.  Sometimes I was looking down when I should have been looking up.  Sometimes I look back and get so mad at myself for doing so.

But the best thing to do is just learn what the lesson was and actually apply it to the future.  That means to be on the lookout for the same situation and, instead of doing the same thing over again, to rise above it and apply your lesson learned.

I heard something called strength of character.  Character is, as defined by Cavett Robert, following through on a decision long after the excitement of the moment has passed. 

Yes there are plenty of things I can focus on and get down on myself for doing, but that doesn’t serve me at all.  The best thing to do is to refocus and press on.

So it boils down to two things you need in order to be successful. 

1)     Get Started!
2)     Don’t Quit!

Just that simple!

-Robert Fraser-