Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mountain bike skills workshops are the best!

Mountain bike skills workshops are the best!

Today was an easy day.  Got invited by one of my girlfriend’s friends to go to a mountain bike skills workshop down San Diego today!

It was real fun and it was free!  But the real reason I’m writing this is because you are never too “old” to learn something new.  In fact, I was the most inexperienced guy there.

Everyone else had at least 7 years of mountain biking experience.  I had like 6 months!  I’m also talking about real mountain biking!  The kind where you are actually in the mountains doing jumps and riding through creeks and off of rocks and stuff!

Everyone did have more experience and so I thought that I would hold everyone up and such but every actually learned something from the workshop.  Not to mention, I got to see where other riders were weak and where I actually had strengths!

It was a great thing to do to get confident on the bike and learn some new skills!  I think the most important benefit was getting more confidence on the bike. 

The lesson I absolutely love in mountain biking and in life is to make sure you always look where you want to go!

-Robert Fraser-