Friday, March 15, 2013

Life is a battle ground

Life is a battle ground

Everyday is a mental battle.  For some, that battle maybe very physical and in front of them, but for most, it’s a mental war zone.

Too many of us are fighting against insecurity, confidence issues, and fear.

That’s just the environment that we are in.  We are in a cesspool of negativity and the only people that rise to the top are those who can separate themselves from it.

That may mean turning off the news, television, negative people (yes sometimes close immediate family), and most of all OURSELVES!

Our thoughts, if left unchecked will run rampant and roughshod all over us if we let them. 

So many times, every one of us has heard that we can’t do it.  We will never do it.  That’s a stupid idea.  If you haven’t heard those phrases at some point, then you are simply afraid of showing your true colors.

Life is a battle ground and every day you have to fight for every inch of life because the moment you stop, the enemy will quickly move in.

-Robert Fraser-